Sunday, May 8, 2011

NHL: Eastern Conference Finals - Boston Bruins v Tampa Bay Lightning

The 2011 Eastern Conference Final (ECF) is right around the corner, and the two teams left have battled their way through some intense hockey to make it this far. Here is a brief-as-can-be summary of each teams “road to glory” thus far.

Boston Bruins:

The Bruins landed 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference this year. Round 1 in the playoffs matched them up against a tough Montreal Canadien team. The two gave it their all, making it to the final game of a best-in-7 series. The teams were so closely matched that even game 7 saw overtime action. Although the number 6 seeded Habs fought hard, the Bruins were able to pull away with the W and advance on to the second round where they would meet the Philadelphia Flyers, who finished 3rd in the league this past season. Although the B's were the underdog in this series, they were able to successfully sweep the Flyers in a major upset 4 games to none and take a confident step into the ECF.

Tampa Bay Lightning:

The Bolts finished the regular season strong with a (7-3-0) record in their last 10, and placing them 5th in the East. They were even able to shut down my Carolina Hurricanes chance at getting into the playoffs in their last game of the season. Moving into the first round, the Bolts would face an injury ridden Pittsburgh Penguins team. The Lightning were able to defeat the Pens in a tough 7 game series and advance on to round two where they would face a powerhouse in the Washington Capitals (who finished 1st in the East last season, 2nd overall in the league). With complete odds against them, the Bolts unleashed fury against Alex Ovechkin and his giant of a team. Call it how you want it, but unbelievably the Bolts were able to sweep the Capitals 4 games to none, making them the first team to advance into the ECF.

Playoff Stat Leaders:

Goals: Brad Marchand, Nathan Horton, David Krejci, all with 5.
Assists: Patrice Bergeron, 10.
Points: Patrice Bergeron, 12.
Plus-minus: Zdeno Chara, +11.
Goaltending: Tim Thomas, 8-3, 2.03 goals-against average, .937 save percentage, 0 shutouts.

Tampa Bay-
Goals: Sean Bergenheim, 7.
Assists: Martin St. Louis, Steve Downie, Teddy Purcell, 10
Points: Martin St. Louis, 13
Plus-minus: Steve Downie, plus-9
Goaltending: Dwayne Roloson, 8-3, 2.01 goals-against average, .941 save percentage, 1 shutout.

Final Thoughts:

Let’s take a quick look at how evenly matched these two teams actually are, stat wise:
Bruins: Finished 3rd in the East, 7th overall in the league.
Bolts: Finished 5th in the East, 8th overall in the league.
Both teams shared the exact same record: 46-25-11 (W-L-OT) with 103 points.

The only major difference between the two teams was the goal differential. The Bruins scored 246 goals for throughout the season and allowed 195, leaving them at +51. Whereas the Bolts scored an equivalent 247 goals, but allowed 240, finishing them at +7. The amount of goals scored for each team signify that offense was not the problem for the Bolts, but rather lied in a somewhat less structured back end. 

This can be seen in the four matches during the regular season where these two teams squared up. The Bruins were able to win 3 out of 4 attempts against the Lightning, only losing their first, but coming back in their second game with a whopping 8-1 win. The goals scored between the two teams favor the Bruins, 15-8.

These two final teams are so closely aligned, that I am not only predicting a 7 game series, but also and intense single, or DOUBLE overtime. I have never really been a fan of the Bruins, but that's not the only reason I will be rooting for the Lightning the rest of the Championship. They are also a part of the SouthEast division, where my favorite team, the Carolina Hurricanes, are also located. We all know what kind of rep the SouthEast division already has, seeing the Bolts go far only makes us look better.

Share your thoughts and feelings on the ECF still ahead. May the best team win!

**Also, tune back in to see a preview of the Western Conference Finals following the completion of the 2nd round in the West.


  1. I picked Boston to win this one and I'm thinking they're gonna take the cup this year. Unless Stamkos pulls out some of his old magic from the start of the season (and Boston decides to just let it happen), I can't see Tampa taking it. That really was the difference in the first game they played - it was October and nobody from any team was watching Stamkos to the point where it looked like he was going to get a 50 in 50 start to the season. Now teams know what's up, and Boston has Tampa's number.

    That one loss this season also happened with Tukka Rask in net. Tim Thomas has a .950 save % with 1.67 gga for the bolts this season. Those are some tough numbers to beat.

  2. Nice post! I love ice hockey!

  3. Tampa is on a mighty roll, but Boston is no pushover. Tough series, should go at least 6.

  4. Personal, you are right, those are some very tough numbers to beat. But the tenacity in Tampa's game is nothing to overlook. 'Tis why I said, this will be a 7 game series in overtime. Thanks for your input! Great to talk to others who care!

  5. Still say screw the NHL after Canes lost to a seated team.

  6. I was never much of a hockey fan ;D

  7. Sounds like it'll be a really great game.

  8. Love this blog! Just what I was looking for!

  9. Nice entry mate. Followed :)

  10. My team didn't make it to the playoffs this year. But I say, go Boston!

  11. I have to root for the Bruins because 1) Bears rock. 2) I live near UCLA :D

  12. great iin depth blog. following and supporting and excited for more

  13. Awesome post man! keep up the good work!

  14. Go Boston! :) I like this team hehe :)

  15. This season has me on the edge of my seat!

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  18. Hockey isn't my favorite sport but it is pretty fun to watch

  19. what a matchup.

    GoGo Tampa Bay!

  20. Looks like a great game.
    I don't really watch hockey, only when SWE is involved.

    Good luck though.